Keflavik, Iceland

#1 of 19 Airports in Iceland | Large Airport of Entry
BIKF | KEF | 3065 metres | 11 ILS, 20 ILS

Average Rating: 4.5 from 4 reviews


    “Excellent service but beware weather”

    star Reviewed March 2017 | A319 | Op:Charter | 18

    Always good for a tech stop. South Air provided the efficient complete service I’ve come to expect from them. A319CJ was 1hr18 from wheels on to lift-off, including a 21T fuel uplift and de-icing.
    C, as always, first class.
    In mid-winter
    , the runway is well treated and the taxiways are … Get full access now

    “Great N. Atlantic Tech Stop! A+ “

    star Reviewed August 2016 | F2TH | Op:Private | 55

    Excellent airport for tech stop across the N. Atlantic. 2 long runways, ILS to all ends. Great controllers, who are helpful in advancing or delaying your flight plan. SouthAir is really top notch. Friendly line service waiting with fuel truck as we taxied in. Ability for pax to get off a … Get full access now

    “South Air were excellent”

    star Reviewed July 2016 | GLF4 | Op:Private | 2

    Two day stay in Keflavik used South Air Iceland and cant say enough good things about their handling. Presented them with some unusual and challenging problems and they excelled in every way. Passenger ingress to the airport is somewhat cumbersome (an airport security procedure) but a good … Get full access now

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