London Luton, UK

#1 of 131 Airports in UK | Large Airport of Entry
EGGW | LTN | 2160 metres | 08 ILS, 26 ILS

Average Rating: 4 from 24 reviews


    “Excellent Handling”

    star Reviewed November 2016 | G550 | Op:Private | 2

    Arrival from NW. Cleared LOREL 4F from WAL. Prior to WAL cleared Direct ROGBI, followed by vectors to final for ILS 26 (Final Apch). Expect to comply with speed restrictions: 220KT during intermediate approach phase, 180KT on base leg, 165KT +/- 5 no less than 7nm from TDZ (see Jepp 50-1 p … Get full access now

    “New procedure”

    star Reviewed July 2016 | F2TH | Op:Private | 2

    We arrived via ASKEY 2S and/or radar vectors during arrival and approach for ILS 08. Our assigned parking in the vicinity of stand 16L. This operation was subject to the new Passenger Duty Fee process as necessary for this technical stop. We experienced no delays due to this new procedure. … Get full access now

    “Luton is expensive “

    star Reviewed June 2016 | GLF3 | Op:Private | 2

    Easy flight. Vectors to an ILS. Used signature for ground handling and colt for trip support. Everything was great. Luton is expensive as with most airports around London. Stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn it was ok for a few nights.Get full access now

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