Biggin Hill, UK

#1 of 131 Airports in UK | Medium Domestic Airport
EGKB | BQH | 1802 metres | 21 ILS

Average Rating: 4 from 4 reviews


    “Arrivals and Departures can be painful”

    star Reviewed November 2016 | GLF3 | Op:Private | 2

    I just returned from a trip to EGKB. Arrivals and departures can be painful. We arrived from the west and were overhead BIG VOR at 16,000 heading east. About 15 minutes later we landed. All departures out of EGKB go over DET which is about 10 miles east of the field. That’s OK if you are h … Get full access now

    “Nice facility”

    star Reviewed January 2016 | GLF5 | Op:Private | 2

    Arrival from the South ALKIN3F. Thames Radar provided vectors after DET for ILS 21 (note to give aircraft type on initial call to radar). At 5 mi final advised that we were leaving controlled airspace and to contact approach. Biggin Approach cleared us to land and we exited the runway to S … Get full access now

    “Very busy”

    star Reviewed June 2015 | A318 | Op:Ferry | 2

    Very busy GA field. Caution Model Aircraft Flying. Ops after 2100L by PPR only. 3 FBO s on field, Executive Handling is operated by Airport company. Parking assigned by Tower, will be on main apron adjacent to main terminal. Pax Transport can meet a/c on ramp. Pax to immigration building w … Get full access now

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