Rotterdam, Netherlands

#1 of 19 Airports in Netherlands | Medium Airport of Entry
EHRD | RTM | 2200 metres | 06 ILS, 24 ILS

Average Rating: 5 from 2 reviews


    “Handling did an excellent job”

    star Reviewed July 2016 | FA7X | Op:Private | 2

    Short flight over from LFPB. Arrived via the HELEN 2R arrival for radar vectors to ILS DME RWY 6. KLM jet center did the handling and did an excellent job. There are two Hilton hotels. We stayed at The HAGUE HILTON about 35 minutes. The downtown Hilton is closer about 15 minutes. Be sure t … Get full access now

    “Local agent required”

    star Reviewed January 2016 | GLF5 | Op:Private | 2

    Arrival from south: Flight plan route to NICKY. Prior to NICKY cleared direct HELEN for the HELEN 2R. Vectors from prior to ROT to ILS 24 establishing on final inside D9.3 RSV just prior to G/S intercept. Taxi V4VNJ to parking at KLM Jet Center. Follow-me car was provided. for taxi in but … Get full access now

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