Kinshasa, Congo (Kinshasa)

#1 of 37 Airports in Congo (Kinshasa) | Medium Airport of Entry
FZAA | FIH | 4700 metres | 24 ILS

Average Rating: 2.5 from 4 reviews


    “Cash only, rough runway”

    star Reviewed July 2014 | MJET | Op:Charter | 2

    Runway is rough with a displaced threshold on 07 of approximately 2600 ft. The non standard markings are hard to see. The markings look like somebody painted them with a brush. The airport fees are cash only. The officials will only accept 2001 and newer series bills. Also the bills must b … Get full access now

    “Robbed by the CAA”

    star Reviewed July 2014 | F900 | Op:Private | 2

    Don’t go here unless you like to be robbed by the CAA. I was told I was in big trouble for not having an MEL on a private airplane. 500 USD would solved everything. ATC is terrible, they wanted us to hold right over the airport in the middle of the T’storm we wanted to wait for to pass. I … Get full access now

    “Inbound ATC was frightening”

    star Reviewed July 2014 | GLEX | Op:Private | 2

    We made two trips to Kinshasa in July 07. Handling was remotely coordinated thru Execujet in Johanesburg, using local people, all orignally arranged thru Universal. Very slow, but somehow everything got done. Inbound atc was frightning. We were told to hold at a fix that we had already pas … Get full access now

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