Barcelona, Spain

#1 of 61 Airports in Spain | Large Airport of Entry
LEBL | BCN | 3552 metres | 25L ILS, 25R ILS

Average Rating: 4 from 21 reviews


    “Great destination all the way around”

    star Reviewed March 2017 | G550 | Op:Private | 9000022

    Arrived morning after Atlantic Crossing – received Graus4T arrival to SLL for ILSZ 25R. Vectors from SLL, good ATC. Digitial ATIS will come through even though we received “this airport is not DATIS message first” when requesting. In late night to very early they use 02, which would of bee … Get full access now

    “Good job handling”

    star Reviewed July 2016 | MJET | Op:Charter | 2

    Tech stop/crew change enroute from the East Coast to East Africa. We airlined in two days prior. Airport transfer arranged thru EuraServices. Renaissance Barcelona Hotel on Pau Claris very comfortable as on previous trips. Car Service picked us up at 1030 arrived Corporate Aviation Termina … Get full access now

    “Excellent handling”

    star Reviewed July 2016 | GLEX | Op:Private | 2

    This was a Tech Stop/Crew Change. Arrived from Africa via MARTA waypoint. On first contact with Barcelona advised Rwy 02 and the MARTA2Z. Trans Altitude 6000. Planned on ILS 02 via RUDLO Transition. For this midnight arrival cleared to hold at RUDLO. Not given Holding Instructions so held … Get full access now

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