Madrid, Spain

#1 of 61 Airports in Spain | Large Airport of Entry
LEMD | MAD | 4350 metres | 18L ILS, 18R ILS

Average Rating: 3.5 from 9 reviews


    “complicated taxi experience!”

    star Reviewed March 2017 | FA7X | Op:Private | 31

    Arrived via ADUXO1D STAR from east, vectored to final approach fro runway 32R. Parking stand 121, on south end near GA terminal. Note that the time from touchdown to stand is LONG, anticipate 20-30 minutes between ON and IN times. It is imperative that you have both the 10-9 chart and the … Get full access now

    “Big airport – long taxi”

    star Reviewed August 2016 | G-IV | Op:Private | 110

    Good handling. Long standard taxi routes. GA flights will be pushed back. Make sure you understand how the CDM process works.Get full access now

    “Excellent services”

    star Reviewed July 2016 | GLF5 | Op:Private | 2

    Used LEMD because LETO is now closed to GA traffic. We arrived on a short flight from Valencia on a Sunday morning. Our passenger was 1.5 hours early so we needed to push up our arrival slot at LEMD. After many unsuccessful attempts to contact the Universal office at Madrid the Euraservice … Get full access now

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