Madrid, Spain

#1 of 61 Airports in Spain | Medium Domestic Airport
LETO | TOJ | 3658 metres | 23 ILS

Average Rating: 3.5 from 4 reviews


    “Fairly smooth”

    star Reviewed June 2015 | GLF5 | Op:Private | 2

    UvAir was handler. Very good. No issues on arrival. Parked on Apron PE3. This is a joint use military/civilian airport and the military calls the shots. This sometimes causes delays. We fueled on arrival and waited about 30 min for service. My last three visits have gone fairly smoothly. W … Get full access now

    “All went smoothly”

    star Reviewed April 2015 | MJET | Op:Charter | 2

    In country flight from Sevilla (LEZL) at FL260. As the weather was beautiful there were no delays and virtually no traffic for a 5 PM arrival into Torrejon, landing runway 23. Assigned the Sotuk 2T Arrival for a runway 23 landing. Complied with all slowing points on the arrival. Crossed PD … Get full access now

    “Services handled efficiently”

    star Reviewed February 2015 | F2TH | Op:Private | 2

    Arriving from east assigned PRADO 1T arrival over DUKKE to ILS Z RWY 23. (See earlier entry on approaches predicated on nearby LEMD – Barajas.) Followed follow-me vehicle to parking at Apron PE 3. General Aviation Services (GAS) were excellent. No Customs, Immigration or security on the wa … Get full access now

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