Turany, Czech Republic

#1 of 18 Airports in Czech Republic | Medium Airport of Entry
LKTB | BRQ | 2650 metres | 28 ILS

Average Rating: 3.5 from 2 reviews


    “Ground support and services was good”

    star Reviewed June 2016 | FA7X | Op:Private | 2

    International arrival from the US all ATC handling was clear and efficient. Received the Tumka 2C RNAV arrival to an ILS 28. Picked up ATIS 150NM out. Runway and taxiways are in excellent condition. Handling was provided by Airport Handling Brno through Rockwell Collins. (ARINC freq. 131.8 … Get full access now

    “Poor job”

    star Reviewed March 2015 | MJET | Op:Charter | 2

    Arrival STAR: BODAL1 to ILS approach. Handler did a poor job. On departure we were told by the handler that we did not need to clear customs, only to find out later, after we boarded our pax and started engines that we actually did need to clear customs. This caused us to have an :50 minut … Get full access now

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