Havana, Cuba

#1 of 28 Airports in Cuba | Large Airport of Entry
MUHA | HAV | 4000 metres | 06 ILS

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    “Caution Low Transition level”

    star Reviewed January 2017 | PC12 | Op:Charter | 2

    We recently spent a day in Cuba. We used UAS for handling, and experienced little in the way of delays or hassle. Very straightforward process, although the handlers in Havana spoke very little English. The PIC was required to sign paperwork to file, similar to Mexico.

    ATC was good, … Get full access now

    “No corruption, no hassle”

    star Reviewed January 2017 | C500 | Op:Private | 2

    We did a couple hops to MUHA in October of last year.
    We were impressed that everything was on the up-and-up. No corruption, no hassle.
    We used a vendor to arrange permits for the plane. The crew di
    dn’t need any, as we just dropped the pax off and repositioned the plane back to the Sta … Get full access now

    “Mostly smooth sailing”

    star Reviewed January 2017 | PC12 | Op:Charter | 2

    Mostly smooth sailing two weeks ago. Used UAS and they handled all the paperwork.

    Havana is still not well equipped for GA and can be haphazard. They normally want you to park at terminal 5, unless it’s closed. Still not taking normal credit cards we were told. Handling agent really … Get full access now

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