Christchurch, New Zealand

#1 of 51 Airports in New Zealand | Large Airport of Entry
NZCH | CHC | 3287 metres | 02 ILS, 20 ILS

Average Rating: 5 from 2 reviews


    “Excellent job “

    star Reviewed March 2015 | GLF5 | Op:Private | 2

    Arrival: VANDA3B, vectored off arrival due to outbound traffic. Approach: ILS 20. Parking stand P12. Departure SID was issued but after takeoff climbing through 2000Get full access now

    “Great handling by SkyCare”

    star Reviewed November 2014 | MJET | Op:Charter | 2

    In and out twice during a week period. Expect good radar contact and U.S. quality of ATC throughout NZ with some high minimum vectoring due to mountains. NZCH is a fine airport with great handling by SkyCare. Tony will arrange fueling, ground transport, etc. Pax and Crew transport has easy … Get full access now

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