Rotorua, New Zealand

#1 of 51 Airports in New Zealand | Medium Airport of Entry
NZRO | ROT | 1622 metres |

Average Rating: 4 from 3 reviews


    “Beautiful Small Airport”

    star Reviewed March 2017 | GLF5 | Op:Private | 9000454

    Arrived from Australia via REEVA 1A and RNAV18. Beautiful terrain all around the airport, and no significant challenges on approach. Agricultural and insect inspection was first on arrival, and agent took our half full cans, despite their being half full. A bit of a language barrier, I bel … Get full access now

    “Our brief operation there was otherwise uneventful.”

    star Reviewed July 2016 | FA7X | Op:Private | 2

    Rotorua Airport is on the east edge of Lake Rotorua. We purchased fuel arranged by AirRouting. Our brief operation there was otherwise uneventful. Handling agent was Chris Ennor: +64 21 747 258 Weather note: Weather reporting to minor NZ airports is accessible only by paid subscription. Em … Get full access now

    “Ops ladies were delightful”

    star Reviewed November 2014 | MJET | Op:Charter | 2

    Afternoon stop Wellington-Rotorura and back. Beautiful day, so asked for the visual and entered downwind and landed. Nice strip on the edge of a large lake with parking for GA on the South side of the main (small) terminal. Not much traffic except for a few commercial jets/turboprops and s … Get full access now

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