Doha, Qatar

#1 of 2 Airports in Qatar | Large Domestic Airport
OTBD | DOH | 4572 metres | 34 ILS

Average Rating: 4.5 from 5 reviews


    “No issues with Tehran overflight.”

    star Reviewed October 2016 | G650 | Op:Private | 2

    Arrived from south-east via ILS 15. Parking stand A10. Now that airlines have moved over to the other Doha airport (Doha Hamas), OTBD appears desolate, but the fueler needs 1 hour notice (fueler is located at Doha Hamas airport). Hotel was Hilton Doha (25 minute drive with no traffic, but … Get full access now

    “Nice facilities”

    star Reviewed June 2016 | GLF5 | Op:Private | 2

    Doha is using different terminals for arriving and departing flights. Both are nice facilities. We were informed by handler that we could remove wine from aircraft to avoid heat damage and return with it on departure. The day prior to departure the handler informed us it would be impossibl … Get full access now

    “Clear and easy ATC”

    star Reviewed January 2016 | F2TH | Op:Private | 2

    Arrived from north after overflying Iran. (Note- KAPES intersection in Iran has Jeppesen and Honeywell NOTAM for incorrect coordinate). ATC was clear and easy to follow. Given vectors to RNAV 33. (Note- new Hamad Inter. Airport is next to the old airport which is OTBD where we landed). Exi … Get full access now

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