Tokyo, Japan

#1 of 112 Airports in Japan | Large Airport of Entry
RJTT | HND | 2999 metres | 22 ILS, 23 ILS

Average Rating: 4 from 22 reviews


    “Excellent Handling”

    star Reviewed October 2016 | FA7X | Op:Private | 2

    Arrived via NOPAC, STEAM arrival. Vectored to ILS23. Taxied D E A A2 L2 P2 P to stand 123 for passenger drop-off, then repositioned to stand N3B on northwest side of airport for overnight parking. Was told that early arrival would be no problem, we arrived about 45 minutes earlier than des … Get full access now

    “Aeroworks excellent as always”

    star Reviewed October 2016 | GLEX | Op:Private | 2

    Preposition to Narita via ANA Airlines. Excellent service. Handler Aeroworks, excellent as always, 5min ride to Hilton Narita Airport and 5min return to Main Terminal. Good hotel, good meals. Approximately 20min from curb to Stand. All services standing by for a Quick turn from Stand 505. … Get full access now

    “All services were prompt and good”

    star Reviewed September 2016 | F900 | Op:Private | 2

    We used Haneda twice on this trip first was night fuel stop second time was for an RON. ATIS can be heard about 200 miles out to learn which runways/approaches in use. Jepp noise charts give preferential runways for day or night ops for planning. Arrived from the north for a night tech sto … Get full access now

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