Sao Paulo, Brazil

#1 of 174 Airports in Brazil | Large Domestic Airport
SBSP | CGH | 1940 metres | 17R ILS

Average Rating: 3 from 7 reviews


    “Had to repo from SBGR”

    star Reviewed October 2016 | GL5T | Op:Private | 2

    No parking at SBGR (Guarulhos). New procedures were in effect for Olympics so had to repo from SBGR to SBSP. Departed SBGR 9L on the CGO1A but quickly vectored off the SID and cleared direct SP003 fix then issued the ROPEN1A for SBSP. The airports are only 15 miles from each other. Had to … Get full access now

    “Lider dropped the ball”

    star Reviewed December 2015 | C750 | Op:Private | 2

    Arrived from Bogota with tech stop at Manaus. ATC delay at SKBO and processing delay at SBEG resulted in our arrival at SBSP at 22:45 local time. 15 minutes before the airport closes. Flew M.90 all the way from SBEG to make it in time. Kept Lider updated of our progress via AFIS and all … Get full access now

    “Fine – nothing to report”

    star Reviewed April 2015 | A318 | Op:Ferry | 2

    Procedures will be given by the tower prior to arrival. Parking located at the Colt Aviation Hangar. Contact Ground (131.025) for direction.Get full access now

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