Bogota, Colombia

#1 of 66 Airports in Colombia | Large Airport of Entry
SKBO | BOG | 3800 metres | 13L ILS, 13R ILS

Average Rating: 4 from 8 reviews


    “Customs delay”

    star Reviewed October 2016 | G650 | Op:Private | 2

    Arrived from south via DANSA PAPAD GIR ABL ABALEMA 3D. Due to runway construction on first part of Runway 13L, lots of temporary approaches offered to us were not in FMS database (construction expected to end Dec 2, 2016). Flew ILS 13R. Exited via D, R, F to Aerosupport FBO. Told ground co … Get full access now

    ” All ATC very professional. Very large busy airport.”

    star Reviewed April 2016 | C750 | Op:Private | 2

    Arrived from the south (Lima). Issued holding at last enroute fix and first STAR fix. Both VORs. Made one turn in each hold then direct to BOG for the ILS 13R. Follow-me-car to parking at Aerosupport at the east end of taxiway F. Small but adequate. Customs on site. Passengers were off the … Get full access now

    “Happy with the service”

    star Reviewed January 2016 | GLF5 | Op:Private | 2

    We arrived into Bogota from the East Coast of the United States overflying Cuba. Contacted Barranquilla 20 minutes prior to their FIR given Radar Contact immediately and remained on our cleared course. Very easy to work with controllers. ATIS is on the VOR Freq we could not pick it up at a … Get full access now

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