Bangkok, Thailand

#1 of 49 Airports in Thailand | Large Airport of Entry
VTBD | DMK | 3700 metres | 03L ILS, 21L ILS

Average Rating: 4 from 9 reviews


    “All good! “

    star Reviewed April 2017 | GLF5 | Op:Charter | 31

    VTBD is now the main “Domestic” airport full of low-cost carriers. Arrived from south WSSL-VTBD at dusk. ILS 21R and controllers were flexible about turning to final at our discretion from a wide right downwind to base. Directed to Stand #6…and all are pushback stands. Excellent handling … Get full access now

    “Excellent ATC comms very easy”

    star Reviewed July 2016 | BBJ1 | Op:Private | 2

    VVTS-VTBD. Lots of deviating due to convective wx. Excellent ATC comms. Assigned HELEN 5A cleared D HELEN. Given RV after HELEN. Assigned 21R. Changed to 21L. Lots of speed assignments. Changed back to 21R. Cleared at O. No follow-me car. Assigned C to A stand #2. Excellent ground handling … Get full access now

    “Mjets did a great job”

    star Reviewed April 2016 | MJET | Op:Charter | 2

    Arrived from WSSL via the PAULA 4A ILS 21R. Given RV early on STAR. Cleared M O to Stand 128. Pax cleared CIQ in VIP lounge in 15 minutes during a busy time. Fuel/Lav arrived in 15 minutes as promised. MJets did a great job. Due to a short night and long next day we stayed at the airport i … Get full access now

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