Beijing, China

#1 of 141 Airports in China | Large Airport of Entry
ZBAA | PEK | 3962 metres | 36R ILS, 18L ILS

Average Rating: 3.5 from 27 reviews


    “ATC Helpful”

    star Reviewed October 2016 | GLEX | Op:Private | 2

    Global 5000 Service Provider Rockwell Collins. Domestic arrival from ZGGG, Assigned the JB7A, Mostly Radar Vectors to join ILS DME 36L. Taxi East via M then South on Z3, Z2, Z1 to stand 251. Processed at VIP terminal 10min from aircraft to curb. 45min to and from JW Marriott Beijing. Clear … Get full access now

    “Catering through Nobu”

    star Reviewed October 2016 | G650 | Op:Private | 2

    Arrived from northeast via GITUM 7A ILS 01. Early drop down altitudes cruising into China burns more fuel (for us 1000 pounds). On early/mid portion of arrival was told by ATC to prepare for missed approach to alternate (Due to low ceilings/vis), but we were still allowed to shoot the appr … Get full access now

    “FPL issues”

    star Reviewed July 2016 | F900 | Op:Private | 2

    RKSI to ZBAA. Falcon 900. On handoff approaching China FIR boundary we were denied entry. We returned to the Korean controller who issued a series of vectors while he tried to determine the problem. It took almost 30 minutes to gain entry. We did not get a good explanation for the delay. T … Get full access now

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